Hyderabad based Navanaami Projects is set on a growth path and aims to achieve Rs 350 crore in revenue for FY 2024–25. This projection is much higher than the Rs 200 crore revenue for FY24, with a 12 percent profit margin. Founded and managed by Naveen Gadde, the company has a clear business development plan in its real estate division to enlarge and diversify, with the ultimate goal of reaching a 15% profit margin in the following fiscal year’s balance sheet.


Diversification and Strategic Projects

Navanaami Projects is steadily diversifying its focus from conventional residential complex construction. As for the end of 2024, the company aims to build a 2.45 million square foot commercial project at Nanakramguda in Hyderabad. This massive complex will comprise commercial units, some of which will be for sale, and some for use by the company. Further, the company has planned a new residential project in Hyderabad for October 2024 with one million sq ft and consisting of three hundred luxury apartments.

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Expansion into New Markets

Navanaami is also strategically expanding the company into the Bengaluru market with some projects. These include a mixed-use development property on the Sarjapur Road and a villa project at Madanayakanahalli. These ventures are part of the company’s plans to expand in the commercial and retail segments, which will help reduce the company’s dependence on the residential sector and its related risks.


Focus on Tier-II Cities

Since it has realised the potential of growth in Tier II cities, Navanaami Projects is eyeing towns like Bhubaneswar, Raipur and Indore. These markets are continuing to experience urbanisation and economic growth, factors that make them ideal for real estate investment. This way, Navanaami plans to take advantage of the increasing market interest in well-developed housing and office spaces in these cities.


Strategic Partnership and Long-Term Objectives

In order to expand Navanaami Projects and harness growth, the company is using joint ventures as one of its strategies. Such partnerships help the company combine efforts, distribute risks and shorten the typical period for  project implementation. Such changes have a long-term vision of reaching a turnover of Rs 1,000 crore in the next 4–5 years. This target speaks volumes about Navanaami’s intention of establishing itself in the Indian real estate market.

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Marketing Consequences and Future Trends

The hefty capital that Navanaami Projects is committed to allocating for the development of new properties will potentially have a positive effect on the real estate environment. The development of superior class residential as well as commercial premises will help fulfil the increasing requirements of Hyderabad, Bengaluru and other evolving tier-two cities. The vision of the company to establish and employ sustainable and innovative designs will help set new standards in the global market.

Further, the strategic initiatives outlined in Navanaami are likely to create employment through the actualization of these plans, direct employment and the multiplier effect in the economies of the areas in which they are located. But the future has a vast horizon for the company, as it can leverage its competitive position and growth in the Indian real estate market.



The Rs 350 crore annual revenue target set for Navanaami Projects for the upcoming FY25 shows a clear growth path and SR Navanaami’s vision. Hyderabad and specifically Bengaluru are already served by diverse projects by the company, while further expansion to Tier II cities is expected to leave a strong imprint on the real estate market. With Navanaami establishing a new centre and growing up, it has the vision to reach Rs 1000 crore turnover within the next few years and become a highly competitive entity on the Indian real estate market.